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wFriday, September 23, 2005

Terengganu 1


Terengganu 2


Terengganu 3


Terengganu 4


I'm almost done with Mat & Mel. It's a novella, no doubt. Very short. But I kinda like it that way. I think after Dua and Gurisan Intaglio, I'm going to write a series of novellas that I can probably turn easily into screenplays.

I missed Dia already. He should be in London by now. I am yet to hear anything from him...


Bernice e-mailed news of the next session of Readings:

after a one month hiatus, we are pleased again to
bring you another reading at 67tempinis satu

this month we feature the following writers:

dina zaman
leon wing
maggie tan
kam raslan

and more!

venue: 67 tempinis satu, lucky garden, bangsar.

time: 3.30pm
date: 24 sept 2005

readings is made possible with the generous sponsorship of the gallery at 67tempinis satu and la bodega.

please come join us for an afternoon of wine and
words. pass the word around and...

see you there!

bernice chauly

hp: 012 323 0929

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