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wTuesday, September 13, 2005

Singapore 3

Singapore 4

Two bloggers in Singapore were arrested recently for inciting racial remarks on the Internet. I think they deserved it, damn it. I've read their racist rantings, but I kept quiet. I thought they were bigots and that was that. It has nothing to do with 'freedom of speech', mind you. I was just tad lazy to write any response.

But you know what? People like that exist even here in good 'ol Malaysia and they are probably worst! They use religion, morality and God to prove themselves 'right'. These people are fucking sick, man! Just read Juan Danza's blog for a sample of how stupid some Malaysians are (It's a Malay blog, so there you go.).

What made them write this?

By Ng Tze Yong

WHAT could have driven the bloggers to allegedly write the racist entries?

The reasons could be frustration, or the bloggers' own insecurities, said Professor George Bishop, head of the National University of Singapore's department of psychology.

He said: 'One theory of prejudice is that the kind of bigotry you see in these blogs comes from personal insecurity. 'People who are insecure or feel threatened sometimes take out that insecurity on people who are different from them, particularly if those groups are minority groups and perhaps powerless to fight back.'

Assistant Professor Mark Cenite, from Nanyang Technological University's School of Communication & Information, admits there are disagreements on how best to combat such 'hate speech'.

He said: 'Some believe that rather than attempting to censor it, we should allow it to be published, so that communities can confront it and argue against it. They believe that if you censor it, you merely drive it underground, where it can fester and get worse.

'Others believe that hate speech is so potentially injurious that it must be censored.'

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