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wThursday, September 08, 2005

Lumix 1

Lumix 1

I think I need to reorganize myself somehow. I need to find more time and energy to write. I am yet to write to a telco content provider that has been asking me to provide contents for them. I have a couple of film synopses to send to a producer of a film company and meet another film producer for a possible novelisation of a screenplay he's working on. Where am I going to find time to do all these works? But seriously, I need the money. I need the money to buy me stuffs like the new iPod Nano and travel to the UK sometime next year.

Yesterday I watched Janji Joni with Dia. It's a good movie. I'm giving it a 4/5 star.

Oh perhaps I forgotten to tell you guys this, but Dia and I just came back from Singapore. He bought a new camera... Lumix while we were in Singapore. The pictures here were taken using his camera. I had encouraged him to take pictures and create his own photoblog for the longest time. I guess he'll have his own photoblog soon enough.

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