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wMonday, August 29, 2005

Limau Nipis

Serangga Perosak?

Pangkor 1

Ikan Bilis

Pangkor 2

Quality Control

I've developed a couple of character voices for my silly podcast project that I'm yet to start. Bro seems to be interested to join me, since we squabble almost all the time. The only thing now is to develop content structure for our very own radio programme.

I've just received a few interview questions from Myshinshin this morning. So many tough questions to answer. I have to take some time to answer the questions. My answers will definately offend some people, but who cares. Hey, it's a free country and I'm free to say whatever I want!

Here's an example to the some the questions given to me:

5. Liberals and fundamentalists have different interpretations on the role of Islam in the Constitution, in which its role was not clearly defined. Does Islam as the religion of the federation is only ceremonial and symbolic, or it should be the basis for all laws and policies ? In some countries for example Pakistan, it is stipulated in the Constitution that any article in the Constitution will be automatically invalid if it clashes with Al-Quran or Sunnah. Do you think we need to include this in our Constitution too ?

Tough, huh? Just wait for my answers lah...*

* I consider myself as a liberal secular Muslim. And thus, I support Ijtihad - Islam's lost tradition of critical thinking...

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