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wFriday, June 03, 2005

Wilayah Kutu @ Devi's Corner, Bangsar 4

Wilayah Kutu
An old lady selling keropok

Wilayah Kutu @ Devi's Corner, Bangsar 5

Wilayah Kutu
Amir Muhammad

Two days ago I bought a book. A very expensive book. Kinta Valley; Pioneering Malaysia's Modern Development (Khoo Salma Nasution & Abdur-Razzaq Lubis), Published by the Perak Academy. You just cannot imagine how well researched this book is. It's RM180 well spent. Got pictures summoh! I discovered about A man called Harimau, Yutaka Tani. He as a Japanese agent who pretented to be Malay and later died in Singapore a month after the Fall of Singapore.

Anyways, I can't wait to go to Singapore, again! I am determined to stay at the Jurong Library till I rot. There are two books that I'm looking for:

1. Raffles College : 1928-1949. (English 378.5957 RAF)
2. No dram of mercy / by Sybil Kathigasu; with and introduction by Richard Winstedt. (English 940.547252 KAT -[WAR])

Actually, I've read these two books in the early 90's while carrying out my prelimenary research for Gurisan Intaglio. The thing is, I lost all my research files. I've even photocopied some pages for good measures. I just can't believe the kind of hassle I have to go through just to go through these two books again.

Yesterday I read a couple of chapters from 'The Harmony Silk Factory' by Tash Aw. I felt so depressed after that (yes, even after reading the beautiful prose aloud to Dia who was not listening. He was too busy editing one or two paragraphs of chapter 14, Gurisan Intaglio). I told Dia that I felt like a talentless hack because I could never write like him.

I'm also reading 'Breaking the Tongue,' by Vyvyane Loh. Yet another book that made me depressed.


As you've probably already realised, I'm not a big fan of Pak Lah's administration. Read Marina Mahathir's Musings on 'More things not to do'.

"We have to be aware that the country which we love is changing, and not in a good way. There are more and more un-elected people making policies in this country, few of which are any good to most of us, and we are letting them do it. Why then do we have elections every five years? "

How true... How very true!

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