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wWednesday, June 29, 2005

Tash Aw @ MPH One Utama 1

Tash Aw
Isn't he lovely?

Tash Aw @ MPH One Utama 2

Tash Aw

Anyways, this morning I found a rather disturbing post written an individual by the name of Wong Jing Min.

This is what was written in her blog:

Monday, June 27, 2005


I was surfing around and i came across malaysia's number 1 blog. It was by this website called MalaysiaTopBlogs. The reliability of it, no comment from me. Moreover, the whole blog is written in Bahasa Melayu.

Im not woahing over the fact that it is DE number one blog (i dont give a rat's ass about blogs and their number of hits)

Neither am i in awe beause of the use of language (im not racist)

It's just that, reading it was like reading my high school's '300 contoh Karangan' book.SPM again. NOOOO!!!!



Wong, it's clear that you DO "give a rat's ass about blogs and their number of hits", if not, you will not blog about it and bitch about it.

I can assure you that the said blog was not written in a language akin to '300 contoh Karangan'. But then again, SO WHAT if it was written in the so called 'karangan' language? Yes, you heard me, SO WHAT. If the blog is written proper in Bahasa Melayu, instead of lamenting on it, you should give credit the writer when credit is due, for he has made effords to ensure Malaysians in general undertand what he has to say (BM is afterall, one of Malaysia's official languages).

Blogs that are written in proper BM are hard to come by as it is. So please give BM blogs like his some slack.

I wonder if she feels superior over Sultanmuzaffar's blog because she writes in English?


Oh, the Wilayah Kutu reading at 67 Jalan Tempines went on smoothly. Not too many people came, though.

You can read about it at Sharon Bakar's blog. This is what she has to say about me:

"Nizam wins my prize for the most sartorially elegant performer of the day. His t-shirt had a picture of fingers held up in a victory sign (was it? or?) outlined in flashing bands of neon. It was not magic as some had thought, Nizam showed me the battery pack. (Haven't seen any piggy t-shirts for a while, which seemed to be de rigeur garb for those who wanted to project an image of being both creatif and alternatif in the Darling Muse days.)"

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