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wMonday, June 20, 2005

Singapore Trip June 2005 1

I didn't bother to close the shutter while using the bath tub.

Singapore Trip June 2005 2

Millenia Walk

Singapore Trip June 2005 3

The unmistakable Singapore skyline

Singapore Trip June 2005 4

The view from the bedroom window

Here are some of the pictures I took while staying at Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore. To tell you the truth, I hardly spent much time in the hotel room. I was walking about all the time, or in the library. Here are the books that I managed to xerox:

1. Raffles College 1928-1949.

2. Far East Buses - Bus Journeys Through Malaya in the 1950s (F.W. York)

3. Joo Chiat - A Living Legacy (Lily Kong & T.C. Chang)

4. War and Memory in Malaysia and Singapore (Lim Pui Huen & Diana Wong)

5. Medical Students' During the Japanese Invasion of Singapore (Abdul Wahab)

6. Force 136 Story of a WWII Resistance Fighter (Tan Chong Tee)

Last Saturday I went to MPH One Utama to get my book (The Harmony Silk Factory) signed by Tash Aw. He's very humble. I chatted a bit with Sharon Bakar and told her about the book I'm working on (Gurisan Intaglio). I wonder why the Malay literature fraternity seemed to be quiet when in comes to writers like Tash Aw and Rani Manicka... Why lah???

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