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wMonday, June 06, 2005

Konsert Akademi Fantasia III (Konsert Pertama) 1

Akademi Fantasia III
Mawi with Juan Danza, moments before he was ushered backstage to perform his song Kekasih Awal dan Akhir. And yes, I sat behind his row (adik-adik jangan makan hati yer!)

Konsert Akademi Fantasia III (Konsert Pertama) 2

Akademi Fantasia III
Juan Danze, reading a Press Release she just received

Konsert Akademi Fantasia III (Konsert Pertama) 3

Akademi Fantasia III

Konsert Akademi Fantasia III (Konsert Pertama) 4

Akademi Fantasia III
Azlif, pretty in pink

Konsert Akademi Fantasia III (Konsert Pertama) 5

Akademi Fantasia III
Family members of the contestants... And Mawi, biting his fingernail?

Konsert Akademi Fantasia III (Konsert Pertama) 6

Akademi Fantasia III
Klubkidd, and the rest of the media people, just seconds after they received the press release of the songs that were performed by the 8 contestants who were rejected in the prelude concert. 'Terkezut' ke? They didn't think so. It was all staged and pre-planned. As usual... (Don't tell me you were suckered into the drama... Shame on you if you did! But then again, if there was no drama, how to sell the show, right?)

Oh, so much drama in Saturday. I finally get to meet Juan Danza, one of my favourite AF bloggers!

I was invited to Akademi Fantasia III First Concert on Saturday, thanks to sultanmuzaffar. It was a good concert, even though some contestant sucked, (like Reza and Aidil... they were really bad. It was excruciating watching them perform).

Earlier that day, I went shopping with Mom at Ikea. While driving, she kept on telling me the importance of savings (my millionaire cousin went bankrupt recently). I said, well, well see about that (I could hardly buy me a book rack, how in the world am I going to set aside some money to save?). She kept on insisting that I have some sort of savings. And then I gave her a copy of Wilayah Kutu… To keep her quiet. I told her to read 'Penunggu Malam'. She read it while I was driving. She was okay with it, I guess. I spent about 10 minutes telling her about how I had placed a lot of emphasis on structure and technique while writing my short stories (they may look simple, but really, they are not that easy to write).

She then went on to ask me if she could read Seri Tertangguh, because she knew that I had printed copy and gave the copy to Mak Uda, and not to her. It appears to me that I have totally forgotten about her altogether. Well… I promised to give her a copy of Gurisan Intaglio once I've finished with it.

I will dedicate the novel to her and to Baba.

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