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wFriday, May 06, 2005

Voir Billboard @ Bukit Bintang

Voir @ Bukit Bintang

Cousin Fifi is getting engaged next weekend, so I have to travel south. When I say south, I meant I have to travel to Singapore. So… I hope the trip would be an interesting trip. I'll be taking lots of photos.

Yesterday I had this really weird nightmare. I was supposed to be newly wed you see, but I had refused to go back to see my wife. Like… HELLO! I did say that this is a weird dream, didn't I? She was devastated and cried over the phone, but I couldn't have cared less, although I felt utterly sad for her. I wanted to spend time with Dia instead. This was what I did in my dream and I know I'll do the same thing - if for some twisted reason, I were to wake up only to discover I've just gotten myself married, well unless of course she's a filthy rich debutant who doesn't mind buying me a roadster and we live in a posh apartment overlooking KLCC!

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