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wMonday, May 09, 2005

Taib the Cat @ home

Taib the Cat
Taib, the fat black cat.

What a long weekend. I spent my weekend reading and researching for Gurisan Intaglio. I'm in fact still scared whether I could pull this off in the shortest period of time considering the scope of the novel. It's a huge ambitious project, I know.

I'm currently doing some research on Mr and Mrs Kathigesu. The couple, who were doctors at Papan and Ipoh, Perak. They were tortured by the Japanese.

Here are some info I gathered about Mrs. Kathigesu:

"My aunty told me that she knew this Indian lady doctor who was tortured to
death by the Japanese. Dr Kathigesu's Hakka name was You Loy-De."

"Sybil Karthigesu was a 26 year old Malayan war heroine who fought the Japanese by helping the Malayan guerillas with medicinal and food supplies. She was caught and tortured by the kempeitai for two years. Her six year old daughter, Dawn, was hauled over a tree branch and swung like a pendulum over a blazing fire to make her mother talk but Sybil refused. She received the George Medal from King George VI and had 10 operations to heal her broken body."

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