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wTuesday, May 24, 2005

Singapore Cowboy @ Newton Square

Borders @ Wheelock Place

I met Haxa, Pick Yin and another blogger (sorry lah, I lupa nama you), at Borders last Saturday. I was so tired lah back then, after hours of shopping...

I bought about 10 books at various bookstores in Singapore. How much did I spent? Slightly over $300 dollars. I bought all sorts of books pertaining to the Singaporean experiences during WWII.

Chin Chuan, treated me and Dia to lunch at Sanur Indonesian Restaurant at Ngee Ann City. We owe him one! We promised to keep him (and his friend Micheal) company the next time they visit KL!

I went to Izam's place at Serangoon North yesterday and guess what I found? Some of my old books which include an old copy of Salina by A. Samad Said. This book is pretty hard to find nowadays. I am glad that he still kept the book after all these years.

I told Dia, this is the book that made me a writer...

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