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wWednesday, May 25, 2005

Motor Honda @ Pasir Ris

Shop Till You Drop @ Ngee Ann City

There is this very distressing fact that I discovered last week. There are not many information I could gather about the Malay Regiment and Lt. Adnan Saidi on the Internet. What is going on? Why are our war heroes forgotten like this?

"There's a museum at Bukit Chandu to commemorate the Malay Regiment." I told Baba on our way to Singapore.

"Yes, I know." He said. He was an army officer once. "They should build a similar museum like that in Malaysia." He later said to me. And then we talked about the Bukit Kepong incident. We came to an agreement that Malaysia tend to neglect the sacrifices of her war heroes. They are just forgotten, save the tacky films made about them.

And then it occurred to me that Malaysia didn't really celebrate the 60th anniversary of WWII. Again… What's going on? Why are we denying ourselves from remembering a very important piece of our own history?

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