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wMonday, May 16, 2005

Malay Sailors circa 1940

"Australian troops mix with Malay sailors of HMS Pelandok. This and other similar photos were banned for showing 'undignified fraternisation between white troops and natives'." - National Archive of Australia.

Busking @ Central Market

I bought three books last weekend that is closely related to the WWII in Singapore. The books are as follows, Flavors of Change - Destiny and Diplomacy, Recollections of a Singapore Ambassador by J.F. Conceicao. Living Hell - Story of a WWII Survivor at the Death Railway by Goh Chor Boon and The Japanese Occupation 1942-1945 - A Pictorial Record of Singapore During the War. I bought these books at the Popular Bookstore (Ikano Power Centre).

Popular Bookstore (Ikano Power Centre) is a well stocked bookstore. This came to a surprise to me because I used to go to Popular Bookstore when I was a teenager at Toa Payoh Central. It was a place to buy stationaries, textbooks and nothing else in between. Now, you could find really good books over there, even books by Murakami.

Now I know where to shop for books besides Kinokuniya...

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