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wThursday, May 12, 2005

Delifrance @ Bukit Bintang 2

I'm stuck while writing this new copy that's supposed to be used in Singapore. I can't think of ways how I'm going to write this brochure. I feel like pulling out my hairs.

Tomorrow I think I'll be heading to Panggung Bandaraya to watch Bangsat, a new play by Khalid Salleh. Here's the synopsis:

"Salwa (Maizatul Akma) is a humanities student at a local university. She is going through a harrowing time: her dreams of achieving a doctorate degree are being crushed by monetary concerns, she has gotten pregnant, and her beau is turning out to be a right 'bangsat'. This moralist play has Salwa's salvation, however: a mysterious, pious man who advises her that God is 'Maha Pengampun, Maha Penyayang dan Maha Pengasih'."


I'm carrying out some research on 'freshies' who were ragged during the 40's in Raffles College and King Edward VII College of Medicine. This is what I found:

The radical student leaders and the university found themselves united on one issue ... to ban "ragging" which the general body of students overwhelmingly voted for at the general meeting on May 9, 1950. The pro-ragging faction was led by two conservative medical students - K. Kanagaratnam and Chee Phui Hung.

and this:

I finished my Senior Cambridge in December, 1940, and in June, 1941, I was on my way to Singapore on a Selangor State scholarship for medicine. Fellow Victorian Rodney Lam had won the Queen’s Scholarship in 1941 but because of the war in Europe he, too, went to Singapore instead. After the war, Rodney continued his studies in Britain and became an orthopaedic surgeon. When I arrived, I found there was ragging by the seniors in the Medical College. Some of the seniors who ragged me were Old Victorians Tan Chee Khoon (later Tan Sri Dr) and Keshmahinder Singh (later Datuk Dr). One occasion, the seniors and juniors jointly went to the cinema to see a film called The Jungle Princess. The actress was Dorothy Lamour; she was the first to wear a sarong in a film. She had a pet chimpanzee in the film called Coco. When we got back to the hostel, one of the seniors, Omar Din (later a radiologist), suddenly got an idea: "Hey, let’s stage The Jungle Princess in the hostel now!" They got an Indian boy and dressed him up as Dorothy Lamour. "Now who is going to be Coco?" Omar pointed to me, "Yes, that’s who is going to be Coco!" So I had to do some scenes with "Dorothy Lamour", climbing trees and so on.

Interesting, right?

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