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wTuesday, May 10, 2005

Borders @ Berjaya Times Square 1

Borders Berjaya Times Square

Borders @ Berjaya Times Square 2

Borders Berjaya Times Square

Borders at Berjaya Times Square ain't that great. It doesn't even come close to the one at Orchard Road, Singapore. The book collection sucks. Kinokuniya at KLCC is far superior in terms of book collection that the ones available at Borders. The books availabe are so generic I might as well go to Popular Bookstore.

Taib is lost. He is out there somewhere. I can hear his voice, but I can't seem to find him anywhere. This is the second time he pulls out a stunt like this to us. Dia and I went all over the upper floors searching for him but to no avail.

I hope he's fine. He is wearing one of them collars with a capsule that contains our address. He is just too much! Yesterday I just featured his photo here and I noticed how he had lost some weight (he has to go though a special diet... he's overweight).

I've missed him already.

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