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wWednesday, May 18, 2005

Bangsat 3

Today I'll be watching Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith at GSC MidValley. I think I'll be sitting right in front of the screen. Well, we'll see about that.


The recent banning of books in Malaysia is really upsetting. Can you believe it? The BN administration actually banned a few titles that I've read in my Uni days like Karen Armstrong's 'A History of God'.

Who do they think they are to decide what books Malaysians can and cannot read?

And of course, PAS is no better if not worst. A PAS supporter (who is curiously enough, not a Malaysian but is hell-bent on turning this country into a cesspool) wrote about banning Harry Potter books this at the Leaky Cauldron site:

I am not a Malaysian but I have known one for a long time and I know a decent amount about Malaysia.

I am sort-of surprised that Malaysia didn't ban Harry Potter. Anyways, I think that it should be banned in Malaysia because magic is strictly forbidden in Islam. If children read Harry Potter, they will think that magic is o.k., but magic is not o.k. Books and movies showing magic as o.k. should be banned. Also, I don't think it's wrong for Malaysia to ban the books that they ban.

You should know that the United Arab Emirates, not even the most Islamic country in the Middle East, has banned Harry Potter.

Anonymous_malaysian said that it's silly to ban books or movies. Well, I say that Malaysia should be an Islamic State because it has a majority Muslim population and Islam calls for banning such books and movies.

Aneesah, you are a Muslim. Please consult your local imam about reading Harry Potter and other books with magic in them. I am confident that he will say that you should not read it. Also, make sure you wear proper tudung (hijab).

I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but Malaysia's gov't (UMNO) is a secular one. It even allows beauty pageants, which are clearly against Islam. Mahathir's wife doesn't even wear a tudung. Also, UMNO does not institute Hudud laws. Islamic Law clearly states that adulters are to be stoned, apostates are to be put to death, and theives hands are to be cut off, but why doesn't UMNO care? It's because they're a secular gov't. Instead of hudud law, UMNO gives criminals light jail sentences. If you believe the sayings of the Prophet are just for when he was alive, then you are probably setting yourself up to lose in the hereafter. If you just believe in the Qur'an and not the Sunnah then you should remember that there's a deviant group out there called the Submitters (started by Rashad Khalifa) who believe the same thing. I'm pretty sure that the scholars agree that members of this group are not Muslims.

Malaysia is a very good place with good people, but it would benefit from a more Islamic gov't. Parti Islam Semalaysia (PAS) is the Islamic alternative to UMNO. Malaysians, please vote for PAS when you are old enough to vote.

-A PAS supporter

To the PAS supporter who wrote this... FUCK OFF! Mind your own business. This is not your country anyway so why bother? Why bother about banning books when the likes of you are totally quiet when innocent people are kidnapped (and sometimes killed) by fellow Muslims in places like Iraq and the Philippines? What is your justification when this sort of things happens?

These people just sickens me to the core!

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