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wTuesday, April 05, 2005

Sanctuary @ Finas 1

Yasmin Ahmad with Hassan Muthalib

Sanctuary @ Finas 2

Dr Wan Zawawi

Sanctuary @ Finas 3

Ho Yuhang, the director of award winning Sanctuary whispering something juicy to Yasmin


Dear All,

Student of Appreciation of Film (kab1011) for the first time ever will be organizing the
UNITAR Mini Film Festival in Kelana Jaya study centre. The main objective of the
festival is to highlight the importance of film as an agent of change in the society and
to expose the campus communities to the new and old quality movies in the market. All of
you are invited to join the event.

The Details Of The event as stated below:-

DATE: 13th & 14th April 2005 ( Wednesday & Thursday )

The Exhibition
Time: 9:00am
Date: 13th & 14th April
Venue: Student Lobby, Ground Floor, Blok B, UNITAR Kelana Jaya

Film Forum with Yasmin Ahmad, Hassan Muthalib and Afdlin Shauki
Title: "FILM - Between Aspiration & Popularity"
Date:13th April
Time: 11:30am
Venue: Student Lobby, Ground Floor, Blok B, UNITAR Kelana Jaya

Date: 13th & 14 April
Venue: Block B, Level 4, KLJ2, UNITAR Kelana Jaya.

Film Screening Venue
Date: 13-4-2005 (Wednesday)
Room / Time 1.00 pm 2.30 pm
TR 29 Duck Soup Sepet
1.00 pm 4.30 pm
TR 30 Seven Samurai Neon
1.00 pm 4.00 pm
TR 31 Berlari Ke Langit The Pianist
1.00 pm 4.00 pm
TR 32 Nuovo Cinema Paradiso Talk To Her

Date: 14-4-2005 (Thursday)
Room / Time 12.30 pm
TR 29 City of God

TR 30 Buli

TR 31 Sepet

TR 32 Talk To Her


1. Yasmin Ahmad
Yasmin Ahmad is a well known director of commercial advertisements (the award winning
Petronas Advertisements) and one of the indie director that starts the renaissance of
Malaysian films. Currently an Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett Advertising
Sdn. Bhd. She has wrote and directed one TV movie, Rabun and a feature film, Sepet.
Rabun was in competition of The 21st Torino Film Festival in Italy and participated The
16th Singapore International Film Festival and the 5th Cinemaya Festival of Asian Films
in India.

2. Hassan Muthalib
Hassan Abd. Muthalib is a scriptwriter/film director/animator, and lecturer in film and
animation. He is the facilitator of The Film Forum of Kuala Lumpur which frequently
presents paper on film. His works in animation is vast and experienced. Prominently in
the animation shorts for Filem Negara (Sang Kancil & Monyet, Sang Kancil & Buaya,
documentary of public awareness), the first animation on TV (Lat animated in a Raya
programme slot), and wrote and directed the first animation feature in Malaysia (Silat
Lagenda). Among the awards he has won are Best Idea for an Anti-Drug Campaign filmlet
(his first live action film which he also directed), Best Trailer for the Fit Malaysia
campaign, Best Visual Effects for Mat Gelap, the first local feature film to include
animated characters & a Best Documentary Jury Award for his first documentary, The Cane
(Asia-Pacific Film Festival, Jakarta).

3. Afdlin Shauki
Afdlin Shauki is a well known artist of Malaysia. A great comedian, actor, singer,
songwriter and host. He has acted in numerous local and international films such as
Anna And The King, Mimpi Moon, Soal Hati, Soalnya Siapa?, Gerak Khas The Movie II, City
Sharks and Buli. The box-office Buli, a film Afdlin Shauki wrote and directed has
brought him an accolade of awards, such as Best Story, Best Screenplay and Best New
Director of the Year at the 17th Malaysian Film Festival.

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