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wMonday, April 18, 2005

Kisah Dua Wanita @ Darling Muse Art Gallery 1

Kisah Dua Wanita
Bernice Chauly

The reading went well. My readers - Isma, Farah and Megat did a splendid job reading Kisah Dua Wanita. I can't thank them enough!

This is what Sharon Bakar wrote about me:

"Nizam had his Kisah Dua Wanita performed by three friends. Bless his heart, he'd read in my blog that this hopeless Mat Salleh isn't the best at following spoken Malay and had printed off the text in a little booklet. It made understanding much easier, particularly as the piece was written in Kelantanese dialect. (Love the music of it.)"

I love the reading by Bernice. Her piece was really good! I really need to sit down and think of ways how I can develop my monologue like her's.

Due to last week's reading, I think I have to think of ways to finish Ranjang Empat one way or another...

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