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wSunday, March 20, 2005

Trek Kaki 1

Haikal dan Hanim, suami isteri. Bagai pinang dibelah dua…

Trek Kaki 2

Pierre, perhaps, the youngest Trekkie in Malaysia!

Trek Kaki 3

Ah, yes, what is life without the flavors and the aromas of meals provided by replicators?

Okay, I think I'm going to start this photoblog again. This could only mean, I have to bring my camera everywhere I go...

Anyways, Yesterday I went to Darling Muse Gallery for my own reading... The reading of my short story that will be published soon in Wilayah KUTU. It was fun, of course. I could hardly read my own writing, so I asked Fadz to read my work entitled Almari. Fadz was kind enough to comply. Thanks Fadz. And thank you for the novel 'Jian' that you gave me yesterday. I promise to read your novel soon. I'm quite sure you had written yourself a wonderful novel :)

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