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wThursday, March 24, 2005

Readings at Darling Muse (Wilayah KUTU) 4

This is Fadz while reading my short story entitled Almari (closet).

Readings at Darling Muse (Wilayah KUTU) 5

Jerome Kugan

I met my publisher yesterday. He wanted to publish the novels that I sent to his publication. All three of them. Now I'm kinda sad… I feel like I'm selling my soul. I asked Pang from about this… He said I should go for it. It's an exercise for me to let go of what I've written so that I can move on writing other stuff. Maybe he's right. Again, I feel like selling my soul to the devil.

I will most probably use a new pseudonym. I told the publisher that I wanted a female name. "A sweet classic Malay female name… Like Hanim or something."

Oh dear… What have I reduced myself to?

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