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wWednesday, March 23, 2005

Readings at Darling Muse (Wilayah KUTU) 1

The illustrious Bernice Chauly

Readings at Darling Muse (Wilayah KUTU) 2

Saifullizan Tahir

Readings at Darling Muse (Wilayah KUTU) 3

Some of the folks who went to the reading

Okay... Here's what I found posted at Kakiseni today:

i luv it

....made me wanna sit and write my own stuffs. its about time for, may is say "new malay proses". I was always one of the malays who hates malay literatures. Not that I never tried to read them say an example by khadijah something( offence malay fans) but everytime i did, it never failed to turn me off, sometimes just by the cover. God the cover! Forget about what's inside.Kinda the same thing over and over cliche moral issue since i can read (like 7 years old...i think) till today.

Revolusi baru bahasa melayu...or bahasa malaysia(much needed): Maybe if we were to be devided into two or more, we would be in a civil war. I meant which might trigger a new radical movement in art and literature. Oppression always produce higher creativeness, funny enough but that is a fact that we all knew or at least aware.

My personal humble observation is that if there is a thing called( or I called them) new malay prose, it may have been developing by itself for sometime more than we are quite aware of them. Its just that it wasnt being 'recognised' by any certain bodies or parties to live them up. One fine example, remember back in th early/mid 80's when the first local version of U.S Mad came out here called Gila-Gila. They were always a section or two of humours in essay forms even poems. Maybe to some point they might not be as good as dhojie's or rahayat's (to name a few) piece but who am i to judge as I am a spectator, an innocent bystander with no proper literature background (though i would still love to write...paint....skydiving err sorry i am a bit carried away here). Back to where i was. From to time its a matter of refining then, one day before u knew it in all the bookstores, from kinokuniya to silverfish to the coming soon(god knows when) on our shore Borders, they'll be a shelf carries a sign "Prosa Baru Melayu"

Anyway it was all fun and new to me. Nice bunch of creative lots to hang out with on a saturday noon. Whatever been said was just from my own humble perspective not meant to offend anyone. So for now I'll rate one smiley for the other day unless, I get to go out with Bernice Chauly (hands up and bow. chant," I am not worthy, I am not worthy...) on a date then I'll give you guys a two smiley...

posted by omarzaini

-- snip

Yesterday night I almost had a anxiety attack. I thought of going to the clinic to get me a tab of xanax. But then, I was too tired to go out. I watched a couple of episod of South Park instead. Humor Really Helps. Especially un-PC humor like South Park!

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