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wThursday, January 06, 2005

Melaka Trip


Some painting of China found in a gift shop at Jonker Street. Over here, you can find all sorts of gifts that are made in China, Pakistan, India, Indonesia and hardly anything from Malaysia!


A typical scene along Jonker Street, Melaka

Okay, If you read this, I'm probably at Kuala Muda, Kedah by now. I'm there to assist the Tsunami victims. I don't know what I'm going to do there, really. I've decided to help because this is the only way I could do to help besides donating my money. And I'll be taking tons of pictures of people like I usually do.

Oh, my short stories will be published soon in an anthology. I don't have much time afterall to write for Malaysiakini. I'm too deep into writing my novels. I just want to write and write till I can't write. Non are published so far but they are widely read on my blog. Which is okay. I have people sending me e-mails telling me how they cried after reading Cinta Nasi Lemak. So, I'm contented, even though the novel could never be published in this country. At least not now.

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