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wThursday, January 13, 2005

Kota Kuala Muda 6

Kota Kuala Muda

Kota Kuala Muda 7

Kota Kuala Muda

Kota Kuala Muda 8

Kota Kuala Muda

Kota Kuala Muda 9

Kota Kuala Muda

Kota Kuala Muda 10

Kota Kuala Muda

I tried running at the park near to my office yesterday. I can only run for 30 minutes. That's how unfit I am. I used to be able to run non-stop without encountering any problems for at least two hours. So... I think I really need to run from now on. I get lots of ideas for my novel while writing. I like the feeling of torturing myself while running.

So, today I have to psyche myself to run again. I need to look fit. I need to shed off at least 5 kg although a colleague of mine said I look good. Always trust your mirror instead!

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