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wTuesday, January 11, 2005

Kota Kuala Muda 1

Kota Kuala Muda

Kota Kuala Muda 2

Kota Kuala Muda

Kota Kuala Muda 3

Kota Kuala Muda

Kota Kuala Muda 4

Kota Kuala Muda

Kota Kuala Muda 5

Kota Kuala Muda

Presenting a series of photos I took while volunteering at Kota Kuala Muda.

As you can see... a lot of houses were destroyed by the tsunami. When I went to the village that was destroyed, I was just speechless. I felt a bit depressed. I can still smell the stench that permeates the disaster area.

Oh, I've started with my new novel, 'Awang Vampiro'. This is a difficult novel to write. I'm having a splitting headache right now just editing it.

I want to start running again. I shall start running this afternoon!

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