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wThursday, December 02, 2004

Ampang Puteri

Ampang Puteri

This boy injured his head. His mom was crying while talking to him. I think they are Iranian. I thought I was watching a life Majid Majidi movie, last night.

I went to the hospital to seek help. I was given Xanax even though I toyed with the idea of prozac. I told the doctor in charge I was once an outpatient at a mental hospital in Singapore (when I was 18) and had to go through Lithium treatment. Fret not. I was okay after the treatment even though the side-effects were devastating. And then of course, I went through college with the intention of reading Art History but somehow ended up with a degree in psychology. The irony of all that...

Three years ago, I had to take lithium again, but I stopped myself from consuming the drug that poisoned my system and made me into a zombie. I ended up taking controlled recreational drugs and voila, it helped for some weird reasons I couldn't comprehend. Maybe the the chemicals in it made me happy.

Xanax made me sleepy and reduced my anxiety. I'm not depressed, at least not yet. I'm glad I don't have to go through that stage quite yet.

I might be given a column of my own for the Bahasa Malaysia version of, can you imagine that? Dina Zaman will be my editor. I will be writing for them on a weekly basis but I'm yet to find a name for that column of mine.

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