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wThursday, October 28, 2004

Sis... Pregnant

Nani Mengandung

This is Sis. I blogged about her since the beginning of this fotoblog. And now, she's pregnant. I hope she doesn't mind that I post her picture here, although she's not at her best. Anyways, if you look carefully at this picture, you could see Johan playing at the background and pictures of my mom with Johan and Rueben on the wall.

I want to go to Singapore this weekend to meet Chin Chuan, my old Junior College friend from Singapore. He's now one of them queer civil servants in Singapore.

I know by the time I come back to KL, I'll be totally broke. What a pity. But I need to shop till I drop. Buying things that I hardly need... (instead of buying a bookcase for my apartment!)

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