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wMonday, October 25, 2004

Johan and Rueban

Anak Hanidah
From left to right, Rueben and Johan. My two nephews who are now in Minnesota

I've not updated this site for the longest time I think some of you might think that I'me dead or something. The thing is... I'm kind busy. Why? I've gotten myself a new job. Come next week, I will start working at a medium-size advertising firm. I will handle some cool accounts, one of which is the below-the-line account for a leading fast food restaurant.

Before starting on my new job, I will head to Singapore again to do some shopping. Nothing much lah... Just shopping for books and stuffs I can put in my new room in my new office. I need to do some decoration.

Maybe I need to go to Ikea to buy me a bookcase for my house. I got tons of books I have to clear from my office and bring back to my place. I have nowhere to put them and I keep on buying books.

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