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wThursday, August 26, 2004

Tat Nenas 5

Tat Nenas!

Tat Nenas 6

Tat Nenas!

'Malaysian Idol' dogged by charges of race-based voting - Roslan Aziz, a judge in the amateur singing contest, predicted that at least two of the three Chinese finalists would survive because they were supported by Chinese viewers. (Malaysiakini)

Haiyoh, guess what? I've predicted this to happen way before Roslan Aziz even said a single word. I even told my collegues that they should call this contest, 'Jinjang Idol' or 'Ah Beng Idol' instead of 'Malaysian Idol'. I mean, I could see this coming. I don't give a slightest hoot about the race of the contestants, as long as they can sing (and my favorite is Jacklyn Joshua, of course). But these Ah Bengs can't sing to save their life and they are in the singing contest! Bengs like Teo Hui Mau (girlfriend, you might have a brain of a blondie but you certainly ain't one), Andrew Tan Khin Huat (Ah-Huat, arr... I think only Orlando Bloom can get away with the Legolas look) and Victor Lee Choon Keat (erkk... you think you so cute arr?) CANNOT sing!!! But how come they are in the final 12? I just don't get it! But it seems that the voters are voting according to race, not ability. Which I think is sad.

Do you want to know who I think should be in the final 3? Jacklyn Joshua, Faradina Mohd. Nadzir and Nicolette Palikat (very Muhibbah some more).


Anyways, I went to watch The House of Flying Daggers, a film my Zhang Yimou, one of my favorite director of all time. I was dissapointed with the movie but Dia seemed to like it. I wanted to walk out a few times our of boredom. I prefer Yimou's earlier works.

I bought a new shoe last night at Beetlebug. The shoe only cost me RM12.90 - NO JOKE! But the shoe looks dodgy and it's red. I'm wearing the shoe to office because I know I can get away with it.

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