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wThursday, August 19, 2004

Namron's play 3


Namron's play 4


I'll probably be heading to MATIC tonight to watch Tat Nenas. Okay, here's the synonsis:

Bijou is an obsessive artist. Her works reflect her deep cynicism towards the very idea of love. Juwita is the opposite, devoted as ever to finding her true love. But when she finds herself the object of affection of Awan, a directionless bum, she rejects him. Meanwhile, lurking in the shadows, Pak Leh schemes his way to wealth and power. And then Bijou discovers the ultimate expression of her art: pineapple tarts. However, Bijou’s artistic pineapple tarts are not only sweet, they possess a drug-like effect. As all the characters start tussling for it, they find their obsessions pushed to the limit...

The play won the First Place, Best Director Award, Best Actor Award, Best Supporting Actress Award & Best Set & Technical Award at Kuala Lumpur Theatre Festival 2004.

Written by Shahredza Minhat and directed by Megat Sharizal, featuring Muhamad Ismaizal, Farah 'Aini, Nur Akhtar, Mohd Arif, Salahuddin, Nurziehan, Amir and Norzalina.

Again, I'll take tons of pics for you guys...

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