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wThursday, August 12, 2004

My Mom 3

Gambar lama Mak!
I think Mom somehow still managed to retain her youthful svelt self after all these years...

I went to celebrate Dia's birthday at Plaza Mont Kiara last night. We ate at a Spanish restaurant. The food was descent, but not as good as the sort of food we ate at Marche, The Heeren, in Singapore a fortnight ago.

I've been visiting the gym these last couple of days. I think I need to devise a new exercise routine for myself. I saw some routines in last month's Men's Health. But too complated lah. I think I must cut the page and bring the page to the gym.

I took out the rainbow bumper stiker off my bumper because it didn't look nice. So, I stuck the sticker inside my boot. Ala-ala closet case ke ni?

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