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wTuesday, August 03, 2004

Demi Zaitun 6

Demi Zaitun

Demi Zaitun 7

Demi Zaitun

Demi Zaitun 8

Demi Zaitun

Demi Zaitun 9

Demi Zaitun

Demi Zaitun 10

Demi Zaitun

Last weekend I went to Singapore to shop... Now I'm broke!

I've sacrificed so much for something that I don't know where it's heading to. I'm doing things that I don't believe in... In the name of Love. In the process, I've killed something in me that made me a writer just to satisfy other people's ego. Now, there is a void inside me.

I feel empty.

Now, even when I'm writing, I don't feel the passion anymore. It's all mechanical now.

I've sold out...

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