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wThursday, July 01, 2004

Ophelia 46

Ops Ophelia

Ophelia 47

Ops Ophelia
Shegar talking to Fyrul

Ophelia 48

Ops Ophelia
Marina Mahathir talking to Vernon

Two days ago I went to watch the special screening of Spiderman 2 at MidValley Megamall. I cannot bring my handphone to the cinema. They actually have a metal detector to scan my body for cameras or recording machines of any sort. The movie is good. I really enjoyed Spiderman 2.

I kinda like what I'm working on right now. My Novel Bersiri, Akademi Impiana. I can already see the Big Picture. I have people who (I can bet these are the same people who hardly reads anything) get so confused over my novel. They thought I'm writing a transcript of Akademi Fantasia, or something. They never realised that the characters I've created do not exist in the real world and whatever they say are totally distinct and independent of my own world view. It's funny because they are so used to cardboard characters that reflects the writers thoughts. I refuse to write one dimensional characters that mirrors my own life.

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