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wThursday, July 15, 2004

Bali Trip 9

Hotel Biyukukung in the morning

Bali Trip 10

Paddy fields, as seen from my room

Bali Trip 11

Boys playing kites in front of the hotel...

Yesterday I "lepaked" at Dome Lot10 with Azro and Bob Sani. Bob Sani is going to move Blue Bar from the present venue to KL Plaza. Saw the blueprint. Blue Bar is apparently going to be bigger than the present venue.

Met my writer friend at Dome. It seems that he knows Bob Sani pretty well.

We talked about the column that I might be interested to write for the new tabloid that he's working on. I'm open to suggestions, of course. I told him that I'm really interested to write for this new tabloid (and he'll be my Editor). He has to first propose this matter to his bosses, of course. I hope that I'll be able to work for him by churning out 1 article about the Malaysian theater scene per week.

Wish me luck, ya!

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