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wTuesday, July 13, 2004

Bali Trip 1

This is Baba, with Mak Uda by his side at Hotel Biyukukung, Ubud.

Bali Trip 2

Baba, Bro, Mom and Mak Uda at Penelokan.

Bali Trip 3

Mom and Baba at Uluwatu

Bali Trip 4

Mom, Baba and Mak Uda on their way to Matahari at Kuta. As you can see, Baba can't walk very far...

Mom just called. She told me that Baba is in ICU. Heart complications. I'm holding my tears as I'm writing this.


I told Dia about this. He called Mom. And then I called Dia again. I broke down and cried. I told Dia how much I love Baba and that I never told Baba how much I love him.

I hope Baba will be okay.

Here are the photos of Baba that I took last week when we were in Bali...

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