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wTuesday, July 27, 2004

Bali Trip 25

Pasar Seni, Kuta

Bali Trip 26

Kuta Beach

I'll be watching I, Robot special screening tonight. I think I'm running out of photos to post because I seldom go out these last couple of weeks. I'll be watching a play on Thursday, though. Demi Zaitun at Auditorium DBKL.

Synopsis: Tina is a young Malay lady. Graduated in Sociology, she is pretty, bright & charming. Born in a fishing village, Tina was close to a young man named Izzikri whom she had lent her money to. Her father is a big shot in the government and her mother is a housewife. She manages to further her studies in London with the financial support from her father. While in London, she lived a luxurious life and was pampered with an apartment and a BMW. Then, news struck. Her father was arrested for swindling money from the government. Her mother suddenly went missing. Ashamed of her condition, Tina refused to return to Malaysia. She had to sell off her apartment and car and do odd jobs. She became depressed and began to swallow pills. Then her friends started to sell her the idea of marrying a rich man to end her miseries. After several failed marriages, she became even depressed and started taking drugs. One day, after a suicide attempt, she was taken to a mental hospital. After 3 months, her childhood friend Izzikri came to the rescue and took her back to the village. He attempts to cure Tina using the traditional Malay method. Tina became better. However, one day, Izzikri pushes Tina, who's on a wheel chair, to a beach, where they once collected shells. What is Izzikri trying to say? Directed & produced by Dato’ Noordin Hassan. Starring Betty Banafe, Adman Salleh, Ahmad Tamimi Serigar, Sarah Shaharum, Mazin Siraj, Sahronizam Noor and Norzizi Zulkefli. Music by Pak Ngah and choreography by Sharifah Mahani. In Bahasa Melayu.

Okay... there will be music by Pak Ngah. This alone could made me shudder. Like... Sing song and all that. Is it really necessary? Whatever it is, I'll take tons of pictures lah.

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