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wFriday, June 04, 2004

Singapore Lomo 1

I took this picture after I had a cuppa at Novena Square. When I was a young boy, I could see this "botol susu" building very clearly from my Nenek's flat at Toa Payoh, and I imagined it's a milk bottle used by the giants!

Singapore Lomo 2

My favourite convenient store in front of Takashimaya

I've been spending all day perusing for ideas to write for my new play. No new story came popping into my head, unfortunately. This morning, I thought of adapting a series of nonsense I wrote: "Kaedahnya: Buku rujukan untuk adik-adik baru nak naik" into a play. I think it will be cute and hillarious. I want to get this perform in the club I talked about yesterday.

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