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wWednesday, June 02, 2004

Ranjang Empat

Istana Budaya
Rohaizad told me to take this picture at Ikea when we went to Ikano to look for a prop to be used in Ops Ophelia

This is conceptually how a play of mine will look like. Rohaizad said that I should work on a play based on a basic set concept like this.

So, I will work on 4 plays based on these four beds. I want 4 actors to act in this play. They will sit or sleep on their respective beds. If the script require them to interact with fellow actors, they can (as if they are in a dorm). I hope you guys have some ideas of how these plays is going to be conceived by me.

Oh, for Ops Ophelia... I ended up not writing anything for it, but I have to translate some text and lyrics from the play. I took tons of photos, though :)

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