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wWednesday, June 09, 2004

OPs Ophelia 26

Ops Ophelia

OPs Ophelia 27

Ops Ophelia

OPs Ophelia 28

Ops Ophelia

I'm posting some of the latest photos that I took from OPs Ophelia rehearsal. Anyways, for more info on OPs Ophelia, please visit our website.

I've been following Akademi Fantasia 2 just to spoof the show. I am writing a full length novel based on the show. For some twisted reason, people actually find it funny. I can't figure out why because, I never laugh or anything like that while writing. I just look bored and keep on typing what's in my head. I never recall that I'm a funny person, but maybe I've been underestimating myself again. Maybe, I am funny, it's just that, I don't laugh to my own humour. It's the same with me tickling myself, I guess. I can't feel a thing.

this old man is ill by Khairil Razali

This fussy and bossy old man is ill,
It’s been a week or so,
It started with headache,
Then flu followed,
Sore-throat and then he vomited,
So weak he has been then.

This fussy and bossy old man is ill,
There are no more comments,
He says no commands,
Lying flat on his bed,
He utters muteness,
And he stares upon the ceiling.

This fussy and bossy old man is ill,
He started to think of his life,
His young age;
“Where did it go?”
The decisions he made;
“What if I chose the other?”
But it’s gone- it shall never come back.

This fussy and bossy old man is ill,
And the whole house thanking God,
For the silent and the muteness,
After so many years of commands and comments,
From the fussy and bossy old man.

This fussy and bossy old man is dying,
In silent,
After thousands of words of perfection,
To be a perfectionist,
Has he succeeded?

3 September 2003

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