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wMonday, June 28, 2004

Ophelia 42

Ops Ophelia
The boysfrom OPs Ophelia

Ophelia 43

Ops Ophelia
From your left, Zalfian, Badin, Adlin and Zihan. You will probably hear more about Zihan from me, since he had agreed to act in my play: "Kisah Dua Wanita".

Ophelia 44

Ops Ophelia
From your left, Maya, Bernice, Fang, Anne, Azah and Kathy

The end of OPs Ophelia. Yesterday. It was a sad occasion, but we didn't cry like them weirdos from Akademi Fantasia. We just bid each other goodbye, because we know that we'll meet each other soon. Perhaps sooner than we think.

Whatever it is, I will surely miss the casts and crews.

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