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wWednesday, June 16, 2004

Ophelia 31

Ops Ophelia
Rohaizad giving out notes after the last Ops Ophelia rehearsal at Stor Teater, DBP

Ophelia 32

Ops Ophelia
Diva Dara... Jangan Marrahhhh adik-adik semua!

Ophelia 33

Ops Ophelia
Jasmine Ng, Rohaizad Suaidi and Nell Ng

Ophelia 34

Ops Ophelia
The ever so lovely, Nell Ng and... ermmm... Chin Hui

Today is the premier of OPs Ophelia. I hope that there will be people coming to watch the show.

I hope people will appreciate the show. They don't have to understand the show etc... They just have to watch fabulous movements that's going on stage.

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