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wTuesday, June 22, 2004

Cameron Highlands 1

Cameron Highlands
This photo was taken in a tea plantation at Cameron Highland

Cameron Highlands 2

Cameron Highlands
A man selling Murtabak in a pasar malam at Brinchang

Cameron Highlands 3

Cameron Highlands
Pasar Malam...

Cameron Highlands 4

Cameron Highlands
Our very own Takraw team from Cameron Highlands' Fire Dept.

Last week was crazy. I spent my night time working as an usherer at Stor Teater DBP. I had chosen not to eat much, so I kinda lost 5 kilos. I think I look better than before. I saw a picture of myself taken by Bro when we were spending our weekend at Cameron Highlands... I thought I looked good. But not good enough. Hence the purposeful starvation.

Went shopping like mad last weekend too! I bought a new pair of shoes. A new pair of jeans. Three T-shirts from French Connection UK that spells out words like: “Hot Fcuk” or “Playfcuk”.

I'm glad I bought them tight shirts. I think I'm beginning to look good wearing them. I think I want to loose 5 more kilograms!

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