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wMonday, May 10, 2004

Singapore May 6

Had a short chat with this old lady after I took her photo just next to Raffles Hotel

Singapore May 7

Tuan direktor, "Mr Suaidi" after watching The Tempest at the Substation

Singapore May 8

The Makan place where the Stamford Road National Library used to be

Singapore May 9

On your right is Chacko Vadaketh who acted in The Tempest. On your left is Amin of Tandak Dance Theatre

Singapore May 10

On your right is Jasmine Ng, the director of Eating Air. A Singapore made film that I only managed to watch last night. Next to her is a friend of Jasmine. Lupa lah nama dia!

Weekend was long, but okay lah. Baba and Bro is coming to KL tomorrow.

Trimmed some plants in my aquarium. The aquarium look better now. I will start going to the gym again today after a long hiatus.

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