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wFriday, May 07, 2004

Singapore May 1

77th Street store at Lucky Plaza... I used to frequent this place often as a student!

Singapore May 2

Just next to Borders

Singapore May 3

Red Fish

Singapore May 4

I took this picture while I was in front of Takashimaya

Singapore May 5

This guy is playing with XBox...

Nothing much happened last night. I went to the production meeting of Ophelia... Talked to some people to get things going.

My sis, Hanidah had given birth to yet another baby boy. I seriously didn't know when this happened. It was Dia who told me that she's pregnant... yesterday (I think my mom told him somehow and that's the main reason why she's in Minnesota now. I thought she went there to jalan-jalan only leh!), and Baba is visiting her in the States to visit his cucu some time in August (?). Anyways, I called Bro yesterday and he told me that it's a boy.

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