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wFriday, May 28, 2004

Ophelia Mugshots 38

Ophelia Mugshots

Ophelia Mugshots 39

Ophelia Mugshots

Ophelia Mugshots 40

Ophelia Mugshots

Ophelia Mugshots 41

Ophelia Mugshots

Ophelia Mugshots 42

Ophelia Mugshots

Mom, Baba, Bro and Mak Uda were in KL yesterday. After I reached home from work, he immediately wanted to see me. He wanted to talk about Bali. He has a keen interest to visit Bali, so he wanted me to arrange a trip for all of us.

After some discussions, we've decided to head to Bali early July. Baba wanted Dia to come along. I hope he will, although he said that he can't get a long leave of absent from his boss.

I really want him to come along.

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