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wWednesday, May 19, 2004

Ophelia Mugshots 21

Ophelia Mugshots

Ophelia Mugshots 22

Ophelia Mugshots

Ophelia Mugshots 23

Ophelia Mugshots
Tang Ching Yee

Ophelia Mugshots 24

Ophelia Mugshots

Should I be panicking? I am yet to write the script for a dance piece I suppose to produce end of this month. It'll be a short piece, though. Another problem, although I already have dancers to carry out the show, they are yet to practice their dance routines.

Whatever it is… I hope I can pull through this one without any hitch.


Okay, I'm officially very tired. I went to Bukit Aman this morning - to meet some officials in the police force. We are working together with regard to this new project that I'm working on.

They were kind enough to show me a dance demonstration by their very own dance troup. It was really cool!

Well… I know I'm going to be fully occupied come next week. The money I'm getting is good, so what the hell, right?

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