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wThursday, May 06, 2004

Bali 46

Local delicacy - Babi Guling

Bali 47

The monument that was built in Legian to remember those who were killed during the Bali Bombing

Bali 48

A Haagen-Dazs ice-cream man... resting

Bali 49

Kite flying at Nusa Dua

Bali 50

A lomo photo of a Japanese tourist parasailing at Nusa Dua

Yesterday I went to FHM 100 Sexiest Women (now I got the name right, I think) party at Zouk. There were so many people at the entrance and they were queuing up while it was raining outside. I thought these people are totally incredible. Some of them were outside even as early as 5 PM.

Anyways, I was on the VIP list. Thanks to M Zulkifli, editor of FHM.

I managed to lepak near a distance away from where all the fabulous FHM Sexiest women lepak (apparently in a see-through room). Too bad I didn't bring my camera along. I knew nobody there apart from Zulkifli. The show was okay lah. Too bad Misha only performed one song. I left at about 10.30 PM. It was a weekday. I cannot tahan going out late on weekdays.

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