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wWednesday, May 05, 2004

Bali 41

Es Kelapa (coconut juice) seller outside Pasar Kumbasari, Denpasar

Bali 42

Pasar Kumbasari reminded me so much of Pasar Siti Khatijah at Kota Bahru

Bali 43


Bali 44

Flowers that will be used for offerings

Bali 45

This is my favourite photo of all the photos I took in Bali. I didn't realise they were smiling until I look at the pictures I took at Pasar Kumbasari at my hotel room

Okay... what a busy day. I spent my day writing and reading and writing. Did I tell you guys that I went to Singapore and had such a fabulous time there?

Anyways, I am heading to Zouk tonight. I have two seperate fuctions tonight, but I have to choose one. The other one is the premier of Van Helsing. I've got a VIP invitation to Zouk for FHM's 100 Most Beautiful Women event (or something like that...). I'm obliged to go to Zouk this week. I've got this other invitation for another event at Zouk last week, but I was too tired to go.

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