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wThursday, April 08, 2004

OPS Ophelia 19

OPS Ophelia
Chin Hui with his Ophelia Barbie doll

OPS Ophelia 20

OPS Ophelia
Some of the girls who came to last Friday's audition

OPS Ophelia 21

OPS Ophelia

Yesterday I went to the OPS Ophelia Barbie photo shoot at Five Arts Centre. The pictures were taken by Bernice. Some of which, really look good. Ala-ala Italian vouge gituh. I took home the aquarium that was used for the shooting (for keeps I hope).

After the photo shoot, Rohaizad, Chin Hui and Sultanmuzaffar went to Bangsar Shopping Complex for dinner. I was famished, so I ate their food also.

Anyways… I bought two pieces of gourmet chocolate that cost me a bomb. The girl at the counter asked me if this is a gift to a girl - I said, no. I'm buying this chocolate gift to a guy. She then explained to me, that chocolate gifts to guys have different color of ribbon. Dark brown...

"It's for your friend's birthday?" She asked me. Now, why would I give a couple of expensive chocolate to a male friend of mine?

"No, it's for my boyfriend." I said with a serious face. She thought I was joking. No kidding! I have this feeling that she thought I was pulling her legs. She tried hard to hold herself from giggling in front of my face.

I tried not to smile of to laugh in front of her. I only got to laugh out loud when I told the story to Rohaizad at the foyer of Bangsar Shopping Complex. He was there to coach a few actors who are going to act in a corporate video I wrote.

I brought home the chocolate and it disappeared in seconds. I only got to eat a small bite of one of the heart shaped chocolate :)

Oh, yesterday I had this weird dream of seeing a beautiful meteor shower.


To see a meteor in your dream, suggests that you will experience success in a project. You are trying to realize your greatest desires.

To see a meteor shower in your dream, signifies romantic thoughts and idealistic notions

Ermmm... so how?

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