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wThursday, April 01, 2004

OPS Ophelia 15

OPS Ophelia
Anne James with someone I don't know...

OPS Ophelia 16

OPS Ophelia

Yesterday, I spent close to RM100 on toiletries at Guardian Pharmacy. I can't believe it! The tanning lotion (with SPH 4) for example was expensive. I'm planning to go sunbathing on my flat's balcony on Saturday. Hopefully I can have a descent tan before I head to Bali.

I am booking a hotel that Leez suggested. She said it's a nice hotel. The hotel is situated at Kuta.

I think I'm going to rent a car once we are there at Bali. It'll be fun driving around Bali… I think. It'll give us the freedom to travel at our own pace. Getting ourselves a local driver is another option.

I am planning to wear a sarong and a simple pagoda shirt once I'm there (like if it's feasible lah, if not, I'll just discard the idea). I have the idea to do this ever since I was 17 (after having this reading frenzy on everything Bali). I'm planning to look local. But then again, if I want to look local, I might as well wear jeans and them branded T-shirts, right? You know what, I'll ended up looking like a typical tourist. I think they can smell me from miles away. The way I can tell if a person is a Malay Singaporean visiting KL before they even say a single word.

I wore sarong when I was in the States all the time (home lah silly!) and my American friends would asked me shyly what I'm wearing. I have to explain to them that many men (particularly Malay men) in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia wears sarong at home. They must be thinking I'm wearing a skirt or something. If I want to be on drag, I'll be wearing a sarong kebaya, sayang...

Right now, the main problem is to head to KLIA and reach the airport before 7. Now, how in the world are we going to do that? Taxi services are bad at our place. I guess the only way to go is to drive to KLIA and park our car there. But the service doesn't come cheap lah…

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