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wTuesday, April 06, 2004

Kartasis 4

Jasni Abd Hamid, dancer and choreographer of Jampi Bangsaku

Kartasis 5


Kartasis 6


It was raining cats and dogs again last night. So, I have to cancel my trip to the gym. I went home and then, headed to my favorite pet shop in Puchong. The vet asked me about Taib if Taib is still making too much noise. I told him that Taib is incorrigible.

I didn't do anything after I came back from Tesco. I think I dozed off on the couch or something. And then, I went to bed.

Oh, before I went to bed... I thought about what to buy when I'm in Bali. I thought of buying Balinese masks of course. But I don't know where to place them. Should I buy them masks and then move into a bigger apartment and only then, use them for decoration? But then again, I still have an empty room to decorate. I think I want to decorate the room properly. Maybe I can mount the masks there.

And of course, I have to buy tons of books, CDs and VCDs.

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